Pure Vision Campout – 2020 – July 17th-19th

We hope you will once again join us in our happy hobbit hidey-hole in the deep woods for this very special yearly migration of the North Bay tribes. . . Come one, come all. Just remember, whether you are an 16 year veteran or a first time invite, community spirit is what we are all about. We are really excited to see our old friends from far and wide and definitely ready to raise the freak flag high for yet another fantastic time together. So without further ado, we humbly offer this gathering to you. . . with love!
Please take the time to fully read and navigate through this website where you will find:

    • event information
    • dj lineups
    • essential items to bring
    • pre-sale ticket purchasing
    • crucial rules and regulations
    • directions to and from the gathering
    • other helpful info

All participants will be required to present identification at the gate before entry and agree to assume sole responsibility, in writing, for their safety during the gathering. Minors under the age of 18 will not be permitted without a parent or legal guardian present.